Thursday, 5 April 2007

Dee likes the cut of BMW Oracle's jib

Professional sailor Dee Smith made some interesting observations on America’s Cup Radio today. The American tactician spent a lot of time sailing with Shosholoza last season, so he’s pretty up to speed with things in the Cup. Having strolled around the bases on Unveiling Day, Smith likes the look of BMW Oracle’s boats the most, followed closely by Alinghi, although he doesn’t trust that what we saw on Unveiling Day is what the Swiss will be using to defend the America’s Cup two and a half months from now.

The Kiwi boats he reckons look very ‘angular’, and best suited to smooth water conditions, which is more likely what we’ll say later in the summer. The package that Smith was ‘most surprised’ by was Luna Rossa’s square-looking boats. All in all, Smith was surprised how different the boats were. “They all have a different of drawing the line from bow to stern. They’re all narrow, all slab-sided, very similar above the water, but quite different below the surface.”

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